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Westlake tire attending Autopromotec show 2019

June 01 , 2019

Westlake tire attending Autopromotec show 2019

Bologna,Italy —Westlake tires of ZC Rubber attended the Autopromotec show in Bologna, Italy from May 22 to 26, and attracted lots of customers to visit for the premium tires.

Focusing on the demands of local customers, ZC Rubber introduced TBR tires applying on long haul, regional and mixed service to meet the requirement of different customers on different conditions.

Westlake tire attending Autopromotec show 2019

Relying on the premium tires with advanced technology, ZC Rubber will continue to expand the European market and increase the market share. Especially the new Westlake tires have been supplied for well-known fleets and OE customers, including Schmitz Cargobull AG, DSV Company, Hassis-Schreiben and POHL-TRANSPORTE.

ZC Rubber will further explore on the marketing to improve the brand image and introduce the Chinese tires to more customers and potential customers together with European company. Look forward to cooperate with more companies and fleets in the future.


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